MAUI 28 Array PA system in White

The Maui 28 splits the input signal into no less than five frequency bands prior to amplification. The power-amp modules sit within the subwoofer, and the multi-pin connectors carry the appropriate speaker signals to the drivers. The sub employs a pair of eight-inch woofers in a wooden reflex enclosure with a large port at the front, and the three mid-frequency bands and the high bands are fed up the column to different parts of the vertical array. The array itself is an aluminium tower housing 16 three-inch drivers and a small tweeter horn right at the top.
This system gives a warm even tone, at a huge range of distances, with no feeding back. The perfect wedding PA.
Please note that this the full size Maui 28 not the smaller Maui 11 version that is often offered in Spain.

Xenyx QX1202 USB 12 input mixer, including Iphone, Ipad, PC, Phono, conectotions, etc.

LD cordless microphone and Heavy duty Stand

LD cordless Lapel Microphone

2 X corded microphones and stands

Powered Condenser microphone and stand

2 x sets of disco lights on heavy duty stands. 3 sound activated RGB LEDs and 1 Mushroom per side.

DJ Desk

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Prices and Conditions
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